Software licensing

movemen software products are activated with a movemen product License File. Each software product has a unique license file per installed workstation.

In order to create a license file for MathTools the user must create a license report via the Math>Create License Report menu item from within InDesign/InCopy and then send this report file to

The license file that movemen then sends back is tied to both the specific installation of InDesign/InCopy AND to the specific computer on which this copy of InDesign/InCopy was running when the license report was created.

  • This means that the license file will not be valid and MathTools will not work if used on a different computer OR with a copy of InDesign/InCopy that has a different serial number.

movemen cannot create a license file when a trial version of Adobe InDesign or InCopy are installed.

  • Users must have a fully-activated Adobe serial number installed.

Adobe Solution Partner

movemen is an Adobe Solution Partner.